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World Happiness Report 2015

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Author (s): 
Helliwell, John F.; Layard, Richard; Sachs, Jeffrey (eds.)
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New York, SDSN, 2015

This report continues from the previous publications in the tradition of combining analysis of recent levels and trends of happiness data, with a variety of chapters providing deeper analysis of specific issues. Chapter 2, by John Helliwell, Haifang Huang, and Shun Wang, contains our primary rankings of and explanations for life evaluations. Chapter 3, by Nicole Fortin, John Helliwell, and Shun Wang, presents a far broader range of happiness measures, and shows how they differ by gender, age and global region. Chapter 4, by Richard Layard and GusO’Donnell, advocates and explains the use of happiness as the measure of benefit in cost-benefit analysis. Chapter 5, by Richard Davidson and BriannaSchuyler, surveys a range of important new results from the neuroscience of happiness. Chapter 6, by Richard Layard and Ann Hagell, is aimed especially at the happiness of the young — the one-third of the world population that is under the age of 18 years. Chapter 7, by Leonardo Becchetti, Luigino Bruni, and Stefano Zamagni, digs deeper into the ethical and community-level supports for happiness. Chapter 8, by Jeffrey Sachs, discusses the importance of social capital for well-being and describes ways that societies may invest in social capital in order to promote well-being in this world.