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Sexuality and Life Skills: Participatory Activities on Sexual and Reproductive Health with Young People
Corporate author: International HIV and AIDS Alliance.
Publication details: Brighton, International HIV and AIDS Alliance, 2008
Abuse | Discrimination | Drug use | Marriage | Puberty | Rape | Sexual and reproductive health | Sexuality | Skills | Stigma | STIs | Young people

Si Mchezo!Magazine Educates and Entertains Rural Tanzanian Youth.
Corporate author: YouthNet.
Publication details: Arlington , YouthNet,
Location: PR 1. f/10270.
Behaviour change | Education | entertainment | Prevention | Youth

Signposts: directory of African religious and community organisations.
Corporate author: Akina Mama wa Afrika.
Publication details: London, Akina Mama wa Afrika,n.d.
Location: REF 8130.
Directories | reference materials | Religion

Social work training and deployment in selected Eastern and Southern African countries with regard to HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Hall, N; Moyo, D; Hara, F
Publication details: Harare, SAfAIDS
Location: So 1. BS/5604.
Education | Social Aspects | Social Workers

Socializing influences and the value of sex: the experience of adolescent school girls in rural Masaka, Uganda
Author(s): Kinsman, J; Yanzi, S; Pool, R
Series: Culture, Health Sexuality
Location: Pr 1. (F) Pr 1 5500.
Adolescents | awareness programmes | Prevention

Socio-economic impact of AIDS: issues and options
Author(s): Loewenson, Rene. Kerkhoven, Russell.
Publication details: Harare , SAfAIDS,
Series: SAfAIDS Occasional Papers Series No.1
Location: EC 1. EC 1BS/9358.
Care | economic impact | Epidemiology | prevention methods

South Africa stands firm on AIDS drug
Author(s): Cherry, M
Location: Tm 1. F/8717.
AZT | Drugs | Treatment

Southern African Development Community (SADC) code on HIV/AIDS and employment
Corporate author: AIDS Law Project.
Publication details: Johannesburg, AIDS Law Project,
Location: EM1. F/9344.
Awareness | Education | Employment | Policy | Prevention

Stage of change versus an integrated psychosocial theory as a basis for developing effective behaviour change interventions
Author(s): Malotte, C K et al.
Corporate author: The Project RESPECT Study Group. 2000
Location: Ps 1. (F) Ps 1 5271.
Behaviour change | psychological aspects

State of the HIV pandemic
Author(s): Essex, M
Location: Ep 1. F/8750.
Epidemiology | Prevalence | Prevention | Transmission