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Virginity testing for boys
Author(s): Stein, J
Series: Gender-AIDS
Location: Pr 1. F/5380.
Cultural Practices | gender issues | traditional medicine

Voluntary HIV counselling and testing in Sub-Saharian Africa: an overview
Author(s): Bardugon, J; Brown, L; Rutenberg, N
Location: Cu 1. F/5482.
Adolescents | Counselling | Cultural Aspects | Training | VCT | Women

VSO and HIV/AIDS: learning from Southern Africa
Corporate author: VSO.
Publication details: Harare, VSO,n.d.
Location: Pl 1. F/9123.
Children's Rights | Development | Programme Assessment | Response

Vulnerability on the streets:female sex workers and HIV risk
Author(s): Pyett, P M; Warr, D J
Series: AIDS Care
Location: Tr 1. F/5265.
Female Sex Workers | Income | Prevention | Sexual Behaviour | Transmission | Violence | Youth

We are Inveting in the Future Generations.
Corporate author: Sida.
Publication details: Stockholm, Sida,
Location: EP 1. RM 1BS/10077.
epidemiiology | Ethical Issues | Gender | Impact | Media | newsletters | Policy

Wellcome's positive action in response to HIV and AIDS
Author(s): Revell, A
Publication details: England, Wellcome Foundation Ltd,
Location: Pl 1. F/6407.
Children | developing countries | Information | pharmaceuticals | Policy | Workplace

What do you see?
Corporate author: ICRW.
Publication details: Washington D.C. , ICRW,s.d.
Location: PL1. PL1 BS/9422.
Advocacy | Capacity Building | communications | programme planning | Research | Women

What does a PMTCT program mean
Publication details: ,
Location: PR 2. (F)PR 2.
Anti-retrovirals | prevention methods | Testing | Transmission
What every adolescent has a right to know.
Corporate author: UNICEF.
Publication details: UNICEF,
Location: Pr 1. BS/7092 (DFID 2).
Adolescents | Communication | Information | Life Skills | Prevention

Why do at-risk mothers fail to reach referral level? barriers beyond distance cost
Author(s): Kimata, S S; Jahn, A; Kowalewski, M
Series: African Journal of Reproductive Health
at-risk-mothers | distance cost | referral centres

Why we must provide HIV treatment information
Corporate author: Treatment Action Campaign.
Publication details: Cape Town, Treatment Action Campaign, 2006
Adherence | Antiretroviral Therapy | ART | care and support | Drugs | Education | Information | people living with HIV | Treatment literacy

Widening the'window of hope' : using food aid to improve access to education for orphans and vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa
Corporate author: World Food Programme.
Publication details: Rome , WFP,
Series: Occasional Papers No.15
Location: OR 1. OR 1 BS/9068.
Children | Education | Interventions | Orphans | Social Welfare | Vulnerability

Wills and inheritance laws
Corporate author: Legal Resources Foundation. Federation of African Media Women Zimbabwe.
Publication details: Harare , AfricaComms,
Location: LE. LE 1 BS/8988.
Domestic Violence | Legal aspects | Wills and Inheritance | Women and Rape

Women and children promotion of rights and prevention of abuse: the leading role of the judiciary: conference report
Author(s): Khan, N
Publication details: Harare, Child and Law Project - Information and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Training and Research Support Centre,
Location: CSB 5771.

Women and HIV
Author(s): Gupta, S B et al
Location: Pr 1. F/8733.
contraception | Gynaecology | Infection | Prevalence | Transmission | Women

Women and HIV/AIDS
Author(s): Women's Health and Development Resource Centre.
Corporate author: Women's Health and Development Resource Centre.
Publication details: India, CHETNA,
Location: Pr 1.
Education | Family | Infection | Media | NGOs | Policy | Risk Behaviour | Vulnerability | Women | Workplace

Women are Leading Change in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS.
Corporate author: UNAIDS.
Publication details: UNAIDS,
Location: GE 1. CD/10018.
Activism | chnge | Gender | Women

Women's Cancers: Early Detection and Treatment Saves Lives
Corporate author: Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ)
Publication details: Harare, CAZ, n.d.
cervical cancer | Prevention | risk factors | Symptoms | Women

Women's work and health
Corporate author: Women's Health and Development Resource Centre/CHETNA/Chaitanyaa.
Publication details: India, CHETNA,
Location: Pr 1.
Employment | Infection | occupational risk | Sex Workers | Sexual Abuse | Women